ForgeryPy - An easy to use forged data generator for Python

I’m cooking something special, here in my lab. One of things the project requires is generating random and totally fake users, complete with e-mail address, username and other details. Some time ago I’ve used Forgery Ruby gem to generate such data and it worked quite well. So, I thought I’d port it to Python. A few hours later, here it is.

The port is mostly complete. I’ve skipped a few forgeries and tweaked a few other to my liking. I wouldn’t be myself if I didn’t change something :).

Install it with the usual:

$ pip install ForgeryPy

Learn more from the docs. Get the code, fork the project and issue pull requests on the project’s repository on GitHub.

Have fun!

PS. This is the first piece of code I published on PyPI. Yay me!

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